Diary of Being Newly Married

Well Well Well, 🤦hmmm i must say this union called Marriage is indeed an intresting journey to Embark on🤷🤷. I am Married to a man i Adore so very Much. And he is my bestfriend. Before i got married i always asked myself and did research on WHAT ACTUALLY MAKES A MARRIAGE LAST? Truth be told i honestly do not know. Marriage is just like a crossword puzzle, in which u keep trying different things to see what fits. This institution called Marriage has NO set Rules/Prerequisites so. Dearly New weds. Be ready to be a Master in Your lifetime CROSSWORD PUZZLE. 😘😘😂

Ohh Dear Future 

Today is the future of 5 or 6 years ago. How I wondered what being half of 50 would be like. Yes 25 which I would be by may 1st. Yes I know, I am writing this way earlier and that’s because my mind is in its quite place today to reminisce on things I have failed and succeeded at. 

These are some questions I have pondered on for a while now

Am i living or existing

What would 5 years from now be like

Am I at the Right place God wants me to be

What can I invest in. I really need this

There are so many more that I really cant think of at the moment but these are some of my thoughts, and I wonder if I would accomplish Greater Goals I have set for my self. But by FAITH small as a mustard seed I CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS. with CHRIST JESUS all things are possible to those who BELIEVE.